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What is the traveller who has not dreamed of finding a quiet place to recharge before leaving for new adventures.  You can relax and take some time out here…

A charming and distinguished hotel

On the corner of a cobbled street, you will spot the entrance to this magnificent hotel, a former 17th-century post house, a real haven of peace in the heart of the Gallo-Roman town of Saintes in the pedestrian district.

You will fall under the charm of this distinguished hotel, covered in white stone from the Charentes, with its roof covered with Roman tiles, a real haven of peace in the centre of this historic town, a good stopping place to relax just a short walk from the banks of the Charente.

As soon as the weather is suitable, the courtyard is transformed into a summer lounge, a relaxing spot for unwinding or enjoying a drink.



A quiet spot in the town centre

In the soft Saintonge light, we welcome you in the tranquillity of the pedestrian streets of Saintes, a great place for rest and relaxation.  The town’s amenities are just a short walk away: shops, restaurants, entertainment, walks along the Charente, discoveries and visits await you.

In the peaceful setting of Saintonge

The presence of whiteness and light that bathes our towns, the intensity of the sun on the walls, the red roofs with Roman tiles, the cobbled streets between shade and sun, the slow progression of the Charente with its calm waters, cause this deep feeling of peacefulness appreciated since Roman times.

The Saintonge area is full of unexpected treasures over the landscapes of our countryside and vineyards in subtle colours: heritage, culture, gastronomy, leisure are standing invitations to discovery.

In a historic location

In the softness of the Saintonge, cradled by the lazy waters of the Charente, Saintes is a city that is great for discovering the richness of its historical heritage, its Gallo-Roman monuments, Romanesque buildings, Gothic influences and many other famous buildings like the Abbaye aux Dames.

History is still present with the town rooted in distant times.

Saintes is a relaxing stopping place for the traveller.


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Laurent et Virginie sont heureux de vous accueillir, toute l’année, dans cet hôtel 3 étoiles, unique dans la ville de Saintes en Charente Maritime, pour vos vacances en famille ou entre amis, comme pour votre soirée étape hôtel.


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Les Messageries Hôtel

Rue des Messageries
17100 Saintes

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