Somewhere to rest and relax

The courtyard of this former post house is a cool and peaceful haven great for the heat of the summers in Saintes.  As soon as the weather is suitable, you can enjoy the terrace, spend some quiet time here and enjoy the beauty of this relaxing spot.  In this paved courtyard surrounded by weathered white stone walls, you can read quietly, enjoy a drink or simply relax.

Enjoy a drink on the terrace in the courtyard

We serve a range of hot and cold drinks for you to enjoy in your spare time in this protected courtyard.

Soft drinks

Orange juice 25cl €2.50
Grapefruit juice 25cl €2.50
Coca-Cola 33cl €2.50
Lorina lemonade 42cl €2.50
Still water – Jolival 50cl €2.50
Sparkling water – San Pellegrino 50cl €2.50
cour intérieur hotel messageries jardin
boissons-cour intérieure hotel des Messageries Saintes

Alcoholic beverages

Leffe Beer 33cl €2.50
Pineau des Charentes (white or red) 10cl €3.50
Cognac 6cl €3.50

Hot drinks

Espresso €2.50

  • Costa Rica: tangy and full-bodied
  • Columbian: sweet and smooth
  • Ethiopian Mocha: wild and perfumed
  • Guatemala: pure and generous
  • Decaffeinated: light and aromatic

Teas and infusions: €2.50

  • Earl Grey: tea aromatised with bergamot orange
  • Darjeeling: tea from the tea gardens of Darjeeling
  • Green tea: mint and lemon
  • Infusions: wide range available.